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Testimonials from our human friends

Here's what they're saying about us!

The Buzz

Jessie K.
Rochester Hills

Chris and Lily are wonderful with my Lola. We both loved them the second we met them and Lola is always excited to see them. I am so lucky to have them come into my home and play with Lola and take her outside when I am at work. They take excellent care of her and are very dependable, caring and kind. They have been a lifesaver! It is reassuring to know my fur baby is in such great hands. And, I love the updates after each visit. I highly recommend them!

Mary Louise B.
Shelby Township

I am Chris’s cousin, but I wouldn’t comment if I didn’t think he and Lily did a great job! I live out by Washington Township and it’s dirt roads around me but they give Leroy a really good work out. He is the pit bull on their website. 

Lori B.
Auburn Hills

I live in Michigan but spend a part of the winter in California, where I am originally from. They have been super with my little girl Maggie while I am away, walking her no matter what Michigan in the winter throws at them, every day. They are both super friendly and very flexible with my schedule. I have used them for two years now and will again

Michael B.
Auburn Hills

I am a builder and sometimes have some pretty long hours all over the Detroit area. Chris has always come through for me, sometimes on pretty short notice. Gus is a handful to walk, but Chris and he have bonded!

Leslie L.
Bloomfield Hills

Francesca P.

Lily and Chris recently walked Milo for the two weeks I was in Europe. My son told me they did a great job with our sheep dog. Milo doesn’t like a lot of traffic noise so they would take him over to a wooded park and walk him there. When we saw Chris upon our return, Milo was so excited to see him that there was no doubt he enjoyed their time together. Good job guys!

Mr. and Ms. Dogwalker aka Chris and Lillian are truly the best! Benny and I were so fortunate to have found them. They love all animals and made me feel so comfortable after meeting them. I received an update about Benny after every visit, telling me how it went and what they did! That alone made me feel at ease and let me know how loving and caring they are. They are responsive, timely and so easy to work with. If you’re looking for the best, it’s Mr. and Ms. Dogwalker!

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